Dont Confuse Chelsea’s Assistant Manager With A Singing Turd.

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The Good Cop/Bad Cop partnership of Henk Ten Cate and Avram Grant seems to be going swimmingly to outside observers, Ten Cate has even been dubbed “Mr Henkey” in some quarters as a homage to South Park’s singing turd Mr Hankey, but the reality inside Stalag Stamford is very far from cutesy cartoon faeces. Chelsea disciplinarian assistant manager Henk Ten Cate has upset the applecart at Stamford Bridge, with his iron fisted training ethos, bursting in on the Kings Road manicure and tea party sessions like a deranged Jack Nicholson from the Shining screaming:

“Heeeeres Henkey!!”

The Times is reporting that Ten Cate, a ‘confident character with a reputation for plain-speaking’ has been privately attacked by some players over

“his perceived arrogance and brashness, while others have criticised an alleged desire for total control. The Dutchman told friends in the Netherlands before his appointment last month that he would be running the show at Chelsea.”

The Times is also asserting that Steve Clarke is being shunted out by the larger than life Dutchman, and has been left twiddling his thumbs and “has begun to feel marginalised.” by the psychotic Dutchman. Anyone for a spot of anger management?