While Chelsea Players Cower In Fear Sunderland Players Are Taken Go-Karting

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Whilst Chelsea’s millionaire playboys are living a nightmare everyday with Henk Ten Cate screaming in their faces like a deranged drill sergeant, the Sunderland lads are enjoying relaxing team bonding exercises.
During Roy Keane’s first 15 months in charge he has brought in a number of unusual extra-curricular activities, early on in his tenure he took his boys to an army assault course to run the rule over certain players who he didn’t have the cojones for the challenge ahead.
Roy Keane said:

“It always helps when they’re doing things together…It does take your mind off the challenge ahead. With our game at Manchester City not being until Monday, it gives us a chance to train hard but also do something different. I didn’t do the go-karting, though, I think it’s too dangerous!”

Ri-ight. What has happened to Roy Keane? As a player he wouldn’t have thought twice about tackling Godzilla, but now he can’t even participate in go-karting excursions – how the mighty fall!