Aidy unhappy that people don’t realise Watford play like Brazil

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Being successful and unpopular is a horrible cross to bear, just ask referees, who get to the top of their profession only to be booed by all and sundry every week. Another person you might like to ask is Aidy Boothroyd, who is mighty annoyed that Watford aren’t the most popular team in the land. As the Guardian were told:

Aidy Boothroyd is fed up with his Watford side being described as “cavemen” as, relegated from the Premier League last season, the Hornets are now top of the Championship after 13 matches and pushing for bounce-back. And, according to their manager, doing it with an increasing amount of style.

Presumably in their play, not their flashy new kits.

“It’s lazy to associate a team with one style of play, we’ve not got to the top of the league by being a team of cavemen,” he said. “There’s more to us, we’re evolving and working very hard at being more flexible, more bright. In the last few months we’ve started to adapt what we do.”

Well, you will get to decide for yourselves today as Watford face off against Championship pleasers West Brom – although we know who we’d prefer to watch.