Chelsea Dressing Room Unsettled Yet Again

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And here we were all worrying that Avram Grant might prove an unpopular figure within the Chelsea dressing room, in fact the villain of the post-Jose piece is Henk ten Cate. This is according to the same publication that brought you the Hitler-diaries all those years ago, bastians of truth The Times:

It is understood that the new assistant coach has made an immediate impact since arriving a fortnight ago by taking control of the majority of the first team’s training sessions, but his methods and mannerisms have not gone down well with some members of the squad.

Mannerisms? Does Didier Drogba think he chews to loudly? Is Claude Makalele unsettled by the way he scuffs his feet when he walks? No.

Ten Cate is a confident character with a reputation for plain-speaking, but his determination to assert himself appears to have turned people against him. Several players have complained privately about his perceived arrogance and brashness, while others have criticised an alleged desire for total control. The Dutchman told friends in the Netherlands before his appointment last month that he would be running the show at Chelsea.

Wait a minute, didn’t Jose Mourinho use a similar tactic to get Frank Lampard to eat out of his hand and Didier Drogba to cry like a schoolgirl with a grazed knee?

As for poor Steve Clarke he is unhappy at being ignored altogether, but we’ll skip over that (sorry Steve) since he’s a bit annoying anyway.