Chelsea to dump moan king Drogba and snap up Bolton’s moan prince Anelka?

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Chelsea are in a bit of a bind, Didier Drogba, moanmaster extraordinaire – has said he is “disgusted” with Chelsea’s dirty money, and has said (not for the first time) that he wants to jump ship. Who are they going to find to replace him? Well Nic Anelka is a moaner, and a goalscorer, and he can sniff out the rancid scent of filthy money like a piggy sniffing for truffles – BINGO!

The Sun , as always, have put 1 and 1 together and come up with 62.58, and are telling us that Nicolas Anelka could be making his way to Chelsea. The Sun reports that:

“Anelka and Wanderers have a gentlemen’s agreement he can leave in January should a Champions League club make a serious offer.”

So the possibility of seamlessly switching a moaning Ivorian for a moaning Frenchman in January looks to be on. Not only is Drogba fiercly gunning for a move, but even if the moanmeister stays, he’ll be off on his winter holidays to the scourge of the Premier League, The African Nations Cup.

So one moaner in, and one moaner out, will this be a good move for Chelsea?