Didier Drogba: The Day I Signed For Chelsea I Was Disgusted

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The Sun is reporting that Chelsea’s Didier Drogba has yet again been as subtle as a sledgehammer, he clearly wants to move, throwing out words like “disgusted” and “unhappy”. We only wish we had as many footballers spilling their guts to us as The Sun do… riiight…

‘Droggers’ as he was known in more happy times, gave such a withering criticism of Chelsea that there can be no doubt that he will be shown the door. Assuming these quotes aren’t bollocks of course.

Drogba said:

“The day I signed for Chelsea I just felt disgusted. I know this is something which can’t have happened to many players but that’s how it is. I was disgusted. I know that when I say this people are going to look at the financial aspect of my move — but money didn’t count for me.I was unhappy and it remains as simple as that.”

Drogba continues, claiming that he actually prayed for an injury before the Chelsea medical so he wouldn’t have to go. Drogba said: ”

I was lucky as the French-speaking clan at Stamford Bridge in those days — Geremi, William Gallas and Claude Makelele — tried to help me. But the truth is I wanted to leave after only a few weeks. I wasn’t happy at all. I had no desire to be there.I did some absurd things just so that I wouldn’t have to go to Chelsea. The medical was in a Paris hospital and I clearly remember praying they would find a problem with my knee or something so the move would collapse. I didn’t care what I’d lose, I wasn’t interested in the money I’d make, I simply didn’t want to leave Marseille.”

All this tomfoolery has been confirmed by Drogba’s agent, Thierno Seyde, who said:

“The night before our flight to London I went down from Paris to Marseille to pick Didier up. At 4am Didier said to me, ‘I don’t want to go, forget it, it’s all off — I’m not going to Chelsea’. I told him that it was too late and that everything was set up. Initially, he still said ‘I don’t care’ but finally I managed to talk him round.”

So surely the Chelsea fans will show their football spirit by hounding Drogba out of the club, or are his goals valuable enough to give him a free pass?