Manchester United’s Ferguson says Mourinho won’t return to Chelsea or the Premier

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Alex Ferguson is usually just about right about, well, everything. So, brace yourselves because he has some bad news for people that like their Premier League managers with added smart suits and rugged good looks -Jose Mourinho isn’t coming back. Ferguson should know too because The Sun, presumably thanks to their heavy network of phone wiretaps in the homes of footballers and managers, says he has spoken to Mourinho reguarly since the Portugese quit Chelsea.

Sir Alex “said”:

“I don’t know if he will come back into the English game, I’m not sure of that.

“I think Jose will end up at a top team in Spain or Italy – I’m almost certain of that.

“There certainly is no-one on the radar at the moment obviously, he’s taking a break and I think he’s aiming to come back fresh.”

So is it good riddance to Mourinho?