Plymouth’s Ian Holloway hasn’t got much time for overpaid footballers

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Ian Holloway is a genius and should be knighted. That’s one opinion. Here’s another – Ian Holloway is a village idiot performing like a monkey for media cash. To decide which group you fall into – let’s help you with Ollie’s views of footballer’s burn-out:

Ha ha ha! I wish they were playing too much football – I didn’t see much evidence of that when England played Russia!

Personally I think that’s absolute codswallop. I used to play Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday from the ages of 10-14.

My heart bleeds for them – the richest burnt-out people I’ve ever met in my life. Your career’s short – you’ve got to play as many games as you can.

Skimming over the first use of the word codswallop since 1989, it is fair to say Ollie is, like any great comedian, telling us what we all thought. And if you get beyond the silly accent and bad metaphors you will find that he always does. Yet he’s such a nice guy that footballers seem to quite enjoy being on the end of a slagging from him, which is lucky a long and successful media career beckons.

Genius, we say.