Sir Alex thinks Manchester United tickets are decent value compared to Arsenal’s obscene prices

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With the focus of everyone on today’s game between Arsenal and Man Utd, it is no surprise that it is all hands to the pump in terms of winding the other side up.

S’Alex Ferguson has hit back at the Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe who concisely demonstrated his lack of football knowledge by slamming ticket prices at Old Trafford. Man Utd’s most expensive seat is £44, which actually looks bloody good compared to a top ticket at the Emirates which is a whopping £94 – oops looks like Sutcliffe got that one wrong!

Sir Alex said:

“Prices at Arsenal and Chelsea are obscene, almost double our prices. I object to the sports minister coming out with this stuff about ticket pricing and United. I thought that was unfair and inaccurate. He’s based down in London so I’m sure he knows where Arsenal and Chelsea are. I’m sure he must know the ticket prices so I don’t know why he is picking on Manchester United.”

Yeah, biased scum!