Sunderland Boss: Arsenal’s Fabregas Is No Match For Manchester United’s Midfield Star

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The metaphorical footballing lovechild of Sir Alex, a firebrand with a molten aggression towards Arsenal, Sunderland gaffer and not-at-all-biased Roy Keane has claimed that ginger ex-teammate Paul Scholes is still the man that Cesc Fabregas has to aspire to match:

The Daily Mail is reporting that despite Arsene Wenger’s comparison of Fabregas to Scholes, Keane claims that the young scamp Spaniard is not yet ready for comparison to such an illustrious ginger.

But Keane, who played alongside Scholes for a decade at Old Trafford, said: “He has the potential to be as good as Paul Scholes, but not yet. Keane said:

“To compare him to Paul Scholes you are talking about a top, top player who has done it over 12, 13, 14 years. Of course, he is at the perfect club and he has the perfect manager. He has a lot of experience for a young lad, I have to say that. I enjoy watching him play. I think he is a very good player. Even the media can see how good his passing and movement is. You don’t have to be a football expert to see that. I’m sure if he has a good game Arsenal will have a good chance of winning. That is how you gauge a good player: if they have a major influence on a game. I’d take him in January if I had the chance!”

With Scholes out injured until his 40th birthday, we may not get to see this match up again for a while.