After Manchester United Gaffs, Is Arsenal’s Manuel Almunia A Title-Winning Goalkeeper?

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Is Arsene Wenger starting to have some doubts about his current #1 goalie. When asked about Almunia, Wenger wasn’t exactly overflowing with effusive praise, which is probably quite understandable considering the Spaniard’s less than stable performance against Manchester United.

Wenger said of Amunia’s mini-gaffe for Utd’s second goal:

“He rushed out to block the cross and he was unhappy with his decision making. Would he have caught the ball? Could he have stayed inside? He left his goal and didn’t get the ball so he’ll feel as if he made a mistake. I’ll have to watch it again.”

Could a glorious Lehmann return to the team be on the cards, or is Jens actually responsible for the shaky performance of his rival, putting undue pressure on the poor lad. When asked about his decision to promote Almunia to top dog between the sticks Wenger said:

“Until now, he has done very well. I believe in sticking with one goalkeeper. You cannot tell him: ‘No matter how many mistakes you make, you’ll always be my goalkeeper.’ But you have to give him at least two games.”

So, cock up the next game and the Lemon is back in.