Arsenal’s Gilberto On His Way Out – Any Takers For An Experienced, Title Winning Defensive Midfielder?

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Arsenal midfielder Gilberton Silva is mournfully sashaying towards the Arsenal exit, with that famous “unnamed source” saying that “he lost everything in three weeks”.

Thank God for garrulous anonymous ‘friends’, who claim that:

“If Gilberto is still on the bench he might have to consider his future. He will see how things are in January then he will see how things are at the end of the season. If the situation is still like this in a few weeks maybe he will go to Arsene and see what the boss’s plans are for him. He wants to know if he still considers him part of the long-term future at Arsenal.”

The friend explained that Gilberto is gutted to be missing out at the expense of Flamini, and although is a tad irate not to have to captains armband snugly tucked around his arm. The unnamed ‘friend’ said:

“He lost everything in three weeks — the captaincy and his place in the team, he is not the kind of person to cause problems but it is very difficult to understand.”

Any takers for an old(ish) Brazilian midfield God?