History repeats itself as Wigan fire Hutchings after twelve games

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Poor old Chris Hutchings, he’s just not a very good football manager. A few years ago he was promoted from his role as assistant at Bradford and lasted twelve Premier League games before the firing squad came calling. Now he has been in charge of Wigan for twelve games and who is that on the phone, why it’s deadly Dave Whelan, the self-righteous owner of Wigan. And what does he have to say?

“It is crucial for our development that we maintain our Premier League status.

“Following results and performances in recent matches we feel it is critical to act now. It is in the best interests of the club and its long-term future.”

To be fair, he’s not wrong, though maybe he should have twigged something was amiss when Hutchings signed Titus Bramble and Antoine Sibierski, what are officially known in the FA coaching manual as ‘joke players’. Allegedly Chris Hutchings has been grabbed by his ears, frogmarched to the nearest wheelie bin, and been unceremoniously dumped in it, whilst having his Wigan crest ripped off his blazer and his V.I.P. parking pass shredded into dust.

So who’s next to give it a shot? We’ve heard Jose Mourinho is available.