Liverpool’s Rafa Benitez Admits He Is One Sandwich Short Of A Picnic

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The Sun is reporting that Rafa Benitez is on the brink of madness, if the Spaniards ludicrous facial accoutrements weren’t hint enough, Rafa has admitted that if he let it, the Champions League would drive him loco (Spanish for mentalist). In an article placed right next to a less than complimentary piccy of the Spaniard, which makes it look like Rafa is simultaneously giving birth and having a brain aneurysm, Benitez is reported to have said:

“I am not going to drive myself crazy by thinking about the permutations. You can’t do anything about the other teams until you play them. But it is a time to believe. We know the Besiktas game is really important but if you approach the game under pressure you will make mistakes. We need to win but we must play with confidence. If we do the right things against Besiktas and win then we have the confidence to go forward and win again.”

Chances are that Liverpool are going to fail, unless they summon the kind of deal-with-satan luck that has guided them to European success of late, but is sacrificing Rafa’s remaining sanity a fair price to pay?