Martin Jol Wants To Return To Tottenham For Some Reason

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You’d think Martin Jol would have seen just about enough of White Hart Lane but actually he still feels some love for the place. But something would have to change for him to even consider taking his place back at White Hart Lane, can you guess what? No, not the sale of Jermaine Defoe.

“I still have the feeling that you never know. It’s all about opportunities.

“They can say what they like now but in a couple of years I’m not sure the same people will be there on the [Tottenham Hotspur] board.”

Ah, his old friend Mr Levy. Not much love lost there from Old Martin:

“Wenger: fourth the last couple of seasons. Did he win something? Not the league since 2004,” Jol said.

“Did Arsenal say, ‘You have to win a prize or finish third?’ No, because he’s the man. He can say, ‘I need time’.”

He also didn’t kick off a season in relegation form two years in a row. But Martin, you got your £3m pay-off, we can’t feel that sorry for you unfortunately.