Kenyon surprised that Grant has actually done well at Chelsea

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Peter Kenyon is a t**t and represents everything that is sick and wrong with football. Right, we’ve got that out of our system now let’s proceed with the rest of the news.

Here is Kenyon and what words of wisdom does he have for us today?

“Avram, you have to say, has exceeded people’s expectations.”

“He has had seven straight wins, with some big games in there.

“You have to give credit where it is due, and credit is due to the team and to Avram Grant.”

Fair enough Pete, but shouldn’t have you been hoping with something along these lines? You have invested billions of pounds of money in this team and to be fair, no it hasn’t been that difficult a run of fixtures.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Entertainer Avram Grant, has lifted his head over the parapet only to have a pop at England’s Steve McClaren. Grant is clearly getting ideas above his station, next stop the England hotseat. Grant claims that Frank Lampard recent absence from the England squad, rather than being the reason for the added impetus and success – is actually the main factor in why England are now up the creek without a paddle. Grant said:

“Frank is a strong character, as everyone knows.If Frank and John Terry had been playing against Russia the result would have been different. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. No player plays 100 per cent all the time. But what’s important is the character — and the quality, of course. And Frank has both.”

We can only hope that Steve McClaren doesn’t read the Sun, it took such a concerted effort to convince the goonish readhead not to play Stevie G and Lampard together, and now Avram Grant goes and does this! D’Oh! Who would you prefer, Grant or McLaren? Jose please.