Leicester could appoint dodgy new manager by Saturday

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How the hell do some people continue to get work despite proving themselves to be constantly terrible at their job? Well, we have the secret, as many posts have pointed out our writing is about “as professional FC United”, “as bad as Mark Ronson’s production ” and “shite”. Yet, we are still here, drinking tea and tapping at our laptop for £300 a word. And who did we learn our sticking power from? The men in the frame for the Leicester job wouldn’t have been bad role models for a start.

Leicester have interviewed Joe Royle, Peter Reid and Graeme Souness for the manager’s job

Yes, that’s right. Souness (only achieved at Blackburn and look how they are doing now, best friend of Dale Winton, no honestly that’s true), Reid (ok at Sunderland, rubbish everywhere else) and Royle (horrible 90s long-ball plastic pitch lover). Or as the BBC put it:

None of the three candidates to take over are currently in managerial positions.

There is a reason for that, so who will be the lucky loser who gets to do six months at Leicester before Mandaric fires them and they add another wing to their Cheshire mansion with the pay off?