Now Manchester United Boss Thinks Arsenal Have Too Many Foreigners… Unlike United?

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Damaged testicles, damaged mind; well that has to be the conclusion that you come to over Fergie’s latest string of quotes, accusing Arsenal of everything from long-ball merchantry to lack of safety at the Emirates. Now the red nosed xenophobe is rattling Arsene Wenger’s cage by saying that the Frenchman has too many foreigners in his employ.

It was quite nice for those few years when Arsenal and Man Utd weren’t arguing like Newman and Baddiel. How refreshing to pick up a paper and see Jose, rather than Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wegner saying “you see Celtic’s away record in Europe, that’s you that is,” “you see Dirk Kuyt’s attempts to outpace a defender, that’s you that is”. (NB excuse the early nineties comedy reference).

The Sun reports that Fergie is in Sepp Blatter’s corner with regards to foreigners, and thinks Arsenal have to cut down. Fergie said:

“It would be a problem for a club like Arsenal. That’s why they’ll protest loudest. Obviously, you want to protect your own, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, for the good of the game in England, it would be good to see more home-based players at top clubs.”

So do Arsenal have too many foreign types, and will you be joining Fergie in condemning all things foreign whilst fielding Van Der Sar, Vidic, Nani, Anderson, Ronaldo, Tevez, and even Hargreaves (we all know that he’s Canadian really!)