Wigan Appoint Lunatic Scot As Manager

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Wigan have opted for an experienced veteran of tepid football to lead their relegation charge, they are understood, to the Times, to have come to a ‘verbal agreement’ with Souness. And the lucky Scotsman is set to take the reigns at Wigan just in time for their game against Arsenal at the Emirates, as always Souness has exhibited great timing. This will be Souness’ first job since leaving Newcastle, and we all know what a pig’s ear he made of that, culminating in a nasty series of spats with Craig Bellamy.
The man who left the Wigan hotseat yesterday wept like a spurned lover, Hutchings said:

“These days, I think everybody says you need time to impose your own style of play,” he said. “Everyone can see we had changed our style of play and that’s no disrespect to how we had been playing before, which was successful. But we felt we wanted to try and take the club forward. We wanted to get more craft-like players, more skilful players and they have to integrate into the team.Obviously, when you’re not given enough time, it’s very, very disappointing. We were having players who were coming back to full fitness. Another couple of weeks and Emile Heskey would have been fit.”

Awww – the poor lamb, let’s hope Wigan fare better with hard nut Souness, rumours are rife that the Wigan squad will have a fiery first training session with discipline-lover Souness bounding in kitted out in full riot gear and rubber bullets.