Arsenal Boss Continues Bitchy Spat With Manchester United Chief

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Bitch, bitch, bitch! The “Handbags At Dawn” bickering between Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson has continued yet further, both moan filled managers tossing crap at each other like faecal confetti at a monkey-wedding. It is now the turn of the sourpuss Fremchman to take a pop at the red faced Scot, claiming that Sir Ferg is a hysprocrite over his foreigners comments, considering that he spent over £40million on ‘foreigners’ in the summer this looks to be a good line of attack.

Wenger then continued, delivering bitch after sly bitch:

‘Sport involves quality and hiding behind artificial rules would not help. If you put the level of the class down, it doesn’t necessarily make the bad students better, it makes them worse. To compete with the best players in the world is a chance to improve the level. If you organise a golf tournament, people go to watch Tiger Woods. If you go to Wimbledon, you want to see Roger Federer. That’s what people demand today, that’s modern life. People want to watch the best in the world and you cannot get them to watch a lower level any more. The real question is what do England have to do to produce world-class players?’

In more ridiculous tantrum filled fallout from Saturday’s draw at the Emirates, Sir Ferg is accusing the Arsenal security of being very lax, as both he and his staff were subjected to horrendous abuse from the Arsenal fans. Arsenal have fought back and after an internal investigation they have several independent witnesses who claim that

‘a member of United’s security team wound up the home fans after Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal put the visitors 2-1 up.’

Fergie-Ferg responded by saying:

‘Our security are compiling a report on the incidents behind us. Arsenal FC have asked them to compile a report. They will have CCTV cameras to spot what happened.’

The Daily Mail, however, claims that Arsenal officals ‘asked United’s security staff for their version of events straight after the game but they refused to co-operate.’

Will this merry-go-round of bitchiness ever stop or are the Fergster and his nemesis the Wengster locked in a mortal battle for the death, stopping at nothing in a backstabbing winge-fest? And Avram Grant sneak in, silent but violent like a meaty fart, and claim the title while these two bitch it out?