Arsenal Boss Tells Sir Alex To Worry About Manchester United’s Own Foreign Players

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Here we go again, Fergie ain’t happy with Wenger, Wenger ain’t happy with Fergie, Fergie bitches about Arsene, Arsene bitches back at Fergie, Fergie calls Arsene a big girl’s blouse, Arsene points out that Fergie paid £27m for Veron, Fergie says Adebayor couldn’t trap a bag of cement, Arsene says Fergie has a red nose, Fergie says Arsene doesn’t look good in a stadium jacket, we all get bored.

What is it today?

Arsène Wenger hit back at Sir Alex Ferguson’s call for a cap on foreign players and the Old Trafford manager’s accusation that it would draw the biggest protest from the London club.

That old chestnut, any new twists?

“It is not very nice to his own foreign players, first of all,” he said. “I would not be very happy if I was a foreign player at Manchester United. After that, what is behind the comments is not my responsibility. I feel it is down to quality. If you look at the investments of Man United this year, they have invested a lot of money in foreign players.”

He’s right you know. Yes that’s right, Fergie may just have been winding him up with no actual reason to complain except to wind up his French friend. What’s more it worked, so get ready for a season of handbags.