Chelsea won’t be joining Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal in the G14 – but they didn’t want to anyway

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No one likes a clique. And the worst of all is G14, ganging up like all the popular kids at school and not letting any of us in. Well, that was until recently when they said they were going to slum it with the plebs and let some other clubs into what will inevitably become a European Superleague when we are all old and grey. But it was all a lie, and it might all be over for clique14 according to the Guardian.

In a development that could have major repercussions for the balance of power in European football the G14 last night abandoned immediate plans to expand to 40 clubs and canceled its annual conference, scheduled to take place next week in Brussels. The move came as Peter Kenyon, Chelsea’s chief executive, said he would snub any invitation to join the organisation, preferring to exert influence from within Uefa.

And how have Uefa convinced Kenyon not to sell himself to the popular kids, well they have let all the big clubs get what they want, what a surprise.

Platini is thought to have backed down on his proposal to have domestic cup winners enter the Champions League and will instead allow national associations to decide whether entrants should come from league or cup competitions. As a result the top three teams in the Premier League will go directly into the group stage and the fourth-placed side will play two qualifying rounds.

Well what a surprise, and we thought the big clubs would like a bit of added competition.