Tottenham and Manchester United Bosses Really Want Help In Managing Their Players

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Can you remember the days of yore when teams only had one sub and he would only be allowed to come on if a player had broken his leg in at least eight places or, at a push, died. Then there was a time when teams had two subs with no sub goalies in sight. Now it semms that five isn’t enough as the Premiership goes substitute crazy. Well, in particular Alex Ferguson and Juande Ramos, as the BBC report:

Tottenham and Manchester United have urged the Premier League to allow teams to have more substitutes on the bench.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson and Spurs coach Juande Ramos say there should be seven substitutes to choose from rather than present limit of five.

Greedy? Well, some players you just can’t do without.

“Every club has players of squads of more than 16 players,” said Ferguson.

“I didn’t choose Darren Fletcher for the Arsenal game and that was a kick in a teeth for him and it didn’t sit easy with me,” added Ferguson.

That would have definitely secured the points wouldn’t it Sir Alex, Darren Fletcher. As the Americans would say ‘perleeeaaaaaaaase’. So, do we need more subs, or will it just be the bigger teams and Darren Fletcher that benefit from the changes?