Arsenal’s Gilberto Opts To Stay And Fight Like A Man

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Arsenal’s frozen out Gilberto has revealed that instead of wanting to leave, that he is actually waiting with trembling heart and baited breath for a new contract, and he wants to finish his career at his beloved Arsenal. Gilberto is 31, his contract ends in 18 months, and rumours are bubbling that he might be used as defensive cover Toure, but despite all this, Gilberto is going to stay and fight valiantly for his place. It’s actually quote refreshing to see someone acting like this instead of throwing his toys out of the pram!

Gilberto is unsure about his future as a Gooner, and is eyeing the Goonersaurus Rex mascot role as it presents steady emloyment. The Brazilian said

“I don’t know. It is not just down to me.It would be great if I extend my contract with the club and finish my career here. We will see if the club has the same feeling. I’m not thinking about leaving the club now. I prefer to think I have the [ability] to get back in the team. But my situation is not very comfortable on the bench.”

Gilberto also moved to deny that there has been any fallout with Arsene Wenger, so all in all a bit of a damp squib without even the faintest whiff of noxious transfer fumes. Gilberto said:

“This is not true. We have a great respect for each other.”