Berbatov staying at Tottenham… for now

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Didn’t Dimitar Berbatov used to be the feather in Spurs fast improving cap? Now he’s back up for Jermaine Defoe and linked with more clubs than Nicolas Anelka. But no more, this has to end, he says:

“The fans have been behind me ever since my first game. I want to tell them that I am not going anywhere.

“I don’t want to see my name in the newspapers anymore – I just want to play football and enjoy myself.”

To be fair he’s not going to be appearing in the papers that much if he is consigned to the bench, but we know what he means.

“I don’t always smile so much but that does not make me a bad person.

“I don’t smile because we are near the bottom of the table and have not been playing well – I have not been playing well either.”

Poor fella, he’s going through it, lapsing into self-analysis in the press is never a good sign, just ask Lady McCartney. Who incidently is one of the few people we can think of that would have played worse than the Berb this season. Would he really be missed that much?