Newcastle’s Gambling Addict Should Probably Be Concentrating On Football

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Michael Owen’s Top Three Sporting Priotities:
1 England
2 Horseracing
3 Newcastle

Top Jockey Kieron Fallon, in court yesterday over some scandalous horseracing malarkey, confessed that Michael Owen pesters him literally every day asking for horseracing tips. In what was quite a sad confession, jockey Fallon admitted that Mickey Owen only texts him for tips, and never even bothers to make friendly small talk. Fallon’s interview to detectives was read out at the Old Bailey, according to the Daily Mail, Fallon said:

“‘I thought that by texting Phil he was having his own couple of quid on it. I do that with a lot of people. Michael Owen, every day texts me.’

Following another series of questions about the significance of calls and texts, Fallon answered: ‘Most guys, like I say Michael Owen, would only ring to talk about races'”

Aside from the fact that Owen seems like a heartless gambling obsessive, fixated with getting ‘tips’ on horses, shouldn’t he be concentrating on Newcastle United – you know that black and white stripey team who stood by you during your World Cup crippling?