Liverpool in the market for a striker, but don’t get too excited

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After scoring eight goals a couple of days ago, Liverpool fans may not be desperate for another striker at the club, but they could well get one. However, much like Dirk Kuyt, you can’t imagine this guy will be lighting up the Premiership any time soon. His club don’t want to let him go, and anyway he’s only a pup.

Burnley boss Steve Cotterill has told Liverpool they have no chance of signing 14-year-old striker John Cofie for £250,000.

Blimey, they are getting younger all the time. Still, he’s no Sonny Pike (retro football failure fans) and a fifteen year-old recently made his debut for Crystal Palace. But then Neil Warnock probably just did that to get a bit of publicity, you know how he is. Anyway, back on Liverpool and Steve Cotterill.

“Nothing has been agreed between us and Liverpool and if they think they can nick him for £250,000 – there’s no chance,” said Cotterill.

“There are a lot of clubs looking at John Cofie but, unfortunately for them, he’s ours. He’s registered and on forms with us, so nobody can nick him, and that’s really where it stands.

“I’ve had a few conversations but, other than that, he’s our player. He’s signed for us, irrespective of what anyone else says and does.”

Cotterill went on to make the obvious joke about Scousers nicking things which would never do because we are so far above that it is just a speck on the landscape. And if there is one thing they do tend to take it’s offence and we wouldn’t want that to happen.