Sheff Utd still won’t accept they were relegated instead of West Ham

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‘Leave it aaahhhttt!’, ‘oo d’ya fink ya are?’ and ‘Oi, Blades, sort it aaaaaaahhhhhhtttt!’. These are just some of the phrases that Sheffield United will hear from the East End hoodlums West Ham if they don’t ‘shut it!’ about their relegation from the Premiership last year. And they aren’t planning on shutting it anytime soon.

Sheffield United say their case for compensation following relegation from the Premier League will be heard by a Football Association tribunal.

“A date has been set for next year,” [United chairman] McCabe said on Wednesday.

At least now the admit they won’t be reinstated in the Premiership (by court or playing eh Robbo?), but isn’t this all getting a bit tedious McCabe?

“We have regrettably gone beyond reinstatement so it’s about financial compensation for having been relegated unjustly after another club, we purport, broke the rules.

“A date has been set for next year and respective clubs are now going through respective submission of claims.

“We are led by the availability of QCs and the panel, so it’s more likely mid-2008 than early. It’s frustrating but that’s the way the law works.”

Frustrating? You should try following football a bit more, it is one long frustrating road of injustice. ‘Deal wiv iiitttt!’