England’s Manager Has His Tickets Booked For The World Cup Draw!?

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The Sun are today getting their knickers in a twist with the news that Steve McClaren has booked a plane ticket to travel to South Africa for the World Cup draw. The major problem with this situation is that the draw is a mere two days after England’s last Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia on November 21. Most sane pundits project that by the time the talentless gimp McClaren is shuffling around the World Cup draw, England will have failed to qualify for Euro 2008.But if England fail to qualify for the tournament, the FA will be under intolerable pressure to axe McClaren – and the country will not want to see him parading around the World Cup exhibiting his unnaturally white teeth and his odious ginger hair, coiffed with increasing desperation to hide his baldness.
So rather than go through the humiliation of having a dead man walking staggering around the
World Cup draw, the FA will have to decide McClaren’s fate directly after the Croatia game. An FA whistleblower told the Sun:

“Few will expect to see Steve at the World Cup draw if we fail to reach the Euro finals. It is one of those questions nobody wants to ask because we have to assume we will still qualify. But some tough decisions will have to be made quickly. There will certainly be a meeting.”

Of course there is one other option available to the FA, go the Spurs route and sack the blighter before the game – only don’t actually tell McClaren until after.