If Games Lasted 45 minutes, Fulham join Arsenal and Manchester United at the Top.

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What in the name of ridiculous statistics is going on here then?!?!? The Daily Mail reckons that if all games lasted just 45 minutes, not only would Yakubu be able to play a full game, but Fulham would be sitting proud nestled amongst the Champions League spots! Surely you jest Daily Mailsters?
Fulham manager Lawrie Sanchez seemed as bewildered as everyone else the statistics. Sanchez said:

“Is it about fitness? No way, that’s something we check very thoroughly. It’s a psychological thing rather than the physical factor. It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike. Between using stabilisers and actually doing the riding unaided, there is the falling-off period. But then when you get there, you wondered why you ever needed the stabilisers when you were falling off. We have to go through that learning process, of falling off and then eventually wondering why it was ever a problem.”

Fulham top of the League? Fulham players learning to ride bicycles? What!?

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