Lord of the Ferg Saves Christmas For Manchester United And Everton!

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…Well Christmas Eve at least. The Daily Mail is eagerly reporting that Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson has told Setanta sports to bugger off back to the slimy dungeons that they crawled out of. According to the Daily Mail Setanta approached the Lord of the Ferg with a hairbrained idea about moving the Man Utd – Everton fixture over a few days to a prime Christmas Eve slot. We can only imagine the deranged face of pure, unadulterated anger that the Fergster shot back at the Setanta execs, but we are sure they wont try to pull another idiotic scheme like this ever again.
An anonymous Greater Manchester Police source told the Daily Mail that:

“It was a nightmare idea and was quickly dismissed. Logistically, it would have caused all kinds of chaos with people coming over from Merseyside adding to the normal Christmas congestion.With the rivalry between the two cities and the clubs it was a recipe for disaster.”

Thank God for the Ferg, Christmas Eve should be reserved for crapulous television and those Eastender’s Specials where a mentalist character returns and ruins Chrimbo for everyone concerned.