Tottenham’s ‘Keeper Admits It Only Took A Few Days For Ramos To Improve Them

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Wow, that was quick! Paul Robinson has leapt like an ecstatic salmon onto the ever growing Juande Ramos bandwagon. He has admitted that it has taken Juande Ramos less that two weeks to sort Tottenham out and make them a far superior side than back in the Jol days, when players didn’t know the meaning of training and were greeted with the gruff roar of “HAVE NO FEAR, JOLLY IS HERE!!” before a game in lieu of an actual sensible teamtalk. Well the cavalier Jol days are now over, and Robbo thinks Juande has been an instant hit, bringing in all these new fangled ideas, like training….

Robbo said:

“You can see that Juande has made a difference to us on the pitch already. We are more solid defensively. Confidence is coming back to the team, it starts with me and the defence at the back and breeds through the team. Juande is a very confident person and has brought that to us. The players respect him and are playing for him straight away. We have played three games this week and we have conceded only one goal. It was not against the toughest of oppositions, but it was what he wanted to start with. We have worked on our defence massively and he has gone back to basics with the organisation, everything. He has gone through the whole team. It has been difficult because we have had a game every three days so he has had limited time, but you can see that what he is doing is coming across on the pitch. Things are definitely starting to look up for us.”

Hmmmm….does he really mean what he says or is he just trying to suck up to Mr Ramos – after all he must be keenly aware of what a pig’s ear he’s made of protecting Tottenham’s goal this season.