Venables warns FA not to put him on the dole queue

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Terry Venables has come up with some great advice in the last year. Play 3-5-2 against Croatia, don’t listen to the advice of Guss Hiddink and now, this.

Terry Venables today urged the Football Association to avoid acting too hastily should England fail to qualify for Euro 2008.

No, he isn’t warning against booking some knee-jerk friendlies or a spate of hastily arranged press conferences about a potential 2018 World Cup bid. He is protecting his own back by pleading them not to just sack Stevie Mac and hi assistant, a Mr El Tel Venables. How considerate of him. And, if you are worried we are being too sarky, listen to the man himself.

“If the FA is convinced it has someone better who will instantly transform us into World Cup winners then fine,” he said. “But it must make sure it comes to a decision for the right reasons not just because it seems right at one particular moment.”

World Cup winners? I don’t think that is quite the criterior we are looking for, you sly git Terry. Qualifying would be good enough.

But is Tel right? Should England stop and think about what happened when, sorry if, we don’t make it to Euro 2008? Or should we get rid of these chancers as soon as possible?