Benfica’s Binya didn’t mean to ‘ghetto stomp’ Celtic’s Scott Brown

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Augustin Binya, a member of the Benfica squad who lost to Celtic on Tuesday night, is openly apologising for his horrific stamp-like tackle upon Celtic opposition – Scott Brown. Binya the leg breaking Ninja was accused of wanting to ‘break the guy’s leg’, but what possible motive would he have?

In response Binya said:

“I went into the tackle in an aggressive fashion and I lifted my right foot,”
“But I honestly had no intention of trying to hurt my opponent.
“Now I’ve seen the tackle on television and it looks bad, but I can assure you I did not try to injure anyone.”

Whilst we can all forgive and forget, we can be sure to see ‘Them Fackin Champions’ (Celtic) kick up a stink about this. Whilst Celtic remains our favourite thing to come out of Scotland’s behind ‘Scotch transparent tape’, we can be sure that this issue will not cease until a just and proper punishment is given.

Any suggestions?