Fulham Boss Makes Jokes About Liverpool Fat Cats

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Fulham manager Lawrie Sanchez had a good wallowing in his own pity session after his side bravely stood firm at the same stadium that Besiktas had been walloped at mere days ago. Fulham were tighter than a Scrooge-McCartney crossbreed in the first half, and didn’t look to have changed their ‘no room at the inn’ policy in the second half either.

Eventually Rafa grew bored of this and ordered his lackeys to ‘release the hounds’, and what a fine trio of Pedigrees they were; Ryan Babel, Leiva Lucas and Fernando Torres, all made a great impact, especially Torres who nabbed one 9 minutes from time to edge Liverpool to victory. It’s a luxury that many believe will see Liverpool back at the top before long.

Sanchez said:

“I felt we were heading for a point, and so I think did 43,000 other people, but Liverpool brought a bit of talent off the bench and it changed the game. I felt we had kept them quiet, restricted them to shots from outside the box in the first half. It wasn’t working for them. That is why they brought on three substitutes – one at £25million, one at £11million and one at £5million. I think there should be cap on the price of players you can bring on, maybe no more than £20million of players.”

Oh Lawrie, he is quickly becoming our favourite manager to watch in interviews. Always relaxed, funny and not taking things too seriously. If only his players would stop doing the same.