Manchester United boss backs Blackburn Rovers to break the Top 4 cartel

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Manchester United manager the Lord of the Ferg claims that Blackburn boss Mark Hughes is the messiah; the man that will break the top 4 and their vice like grip on the Champions League spot, and all the cash that comes with it. Fergie-Ferg’s team play Blackburn today, and is he just buttering Hughes up before dispensing an old school thrashing?
The Fergster said:

‘What they’ve shown at the moment is that no one turns them over. They don’t get stupid scores. They’ve drawn with Arsenal and Liverpool at home and even going away they’re a handful. I think they have a combination of decent players who have stayed together for a while.’

The Ferg then went on to big-up Mark Hughes, saying :

‘I think teams reflect their managers and you see that with Mark Hughes and Blackburn Rovers. Maybe three years ago there was a bad season discipline-wise, but it can’t be like that all the time. Their discipline this season and last season has been very good. That’s a tell-tale sign, really. There’s nothing wrong with being aggressive if it’s the right kind of aggression. He was always a determined player. He was Rottweiler on the pitch, a real warrior. But off it you couldn’t find a quieter guy. It was like a split-personality thing.’

Has Ferguson fallen for all the spin swirling around Mark Hughes; he may be a ‘Rottwiler’ and a ‘warrior’, but he also has an indentical league record at Blackburn to their previous manager, none other than Graeme Souness. Also, the ladies lads at Arsenal might have a thing or two to say about Blackburn’s “right kind of aggression”.