Newcastle’s Nutter Laureate Gets In Even More Trouble After Sunderland Match

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Let’s face facts here, Hannibal Lecter, Mike Tyson, and Duncan Ferguson would all be wetting themselves with unbridled fear if they came across Newcastle United’s nutter laureate, Joey Barton in a dark alley.

Joey decided to unveil his latest act of lunacy at the 138th Tyne-Wear derby; he nailed Sunderland’s Dickson Etuhu with a tackle straight out of a Roy Keane biography ghost written by Stephen King.: at the end of the first half Barton, for reasons known only to himself, nailed Sunderland’s Etuhu in the nads and The Daily Mail reckons that Barton will be dragged before the FA.

For a man currently bailed to appear on November 22nd in Manchester Crown Court for beating up his former Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo, the threat of appearing before the FA will be as scary as an Ewok in a tutu. The FA will be taking a look at Barton’s latest video nasty today, and could throw the book at him; not that that will do much other than pissing off Barton even more.

The two managers had very different views on the enigma that is Joey Barton, Allardyce said:

‘There were a lot of things that went on in the game, but Joey Barton’s reputation goes before him so he’s the one player who is questioned,’ said Allardyce. ‘But it [the tackle] is not good, and he shouldn’t do it.’

…Whilst Keane refused to condemn Barton, perhaps seeing something of himself in the deranged scouser:

‘I am not going to get bogged down by a tackle that was slightly high, that happens in these games, a lot of them are mistimed. You give and you take. Dickson is a tough lad. He is alive in that dressing room, he won’t be leaving on a stretcher.’

So that’s what the managers thought, but what about the FA and the threat of retrospective punishment?