They tried to take Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas – but Wenger said ‘no no no’

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The spanish stars trip to the Nou Camp last week has triggered immense controversy among the community, with his position at Arsenal being seemingly questioned by the critics. Throughout Francesc Fabregas’ career at Arsenal, he has constantly been linked to the two Spanish Giants- Barcelona and Real Madrid. However, according to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, this talk is all speculation.

According to, Wenger has denied any possibility of a move:

“Part of [omitting them] was just to get them out of football,” he said. “Sometimes it is better to leave a player out [of the team] completely rather than putting him on to bench so he gets a mental rest for a couple of days.”
“This is no story,” he said. “Fabregas is under contract with us. If Barcelona want to buy any player under contract then I’ll give them my phone number. But I think they have it because they just bought Thierry Henry.”

“Still would you be open to an offer?” enquired a journalist.

“No chance,” Wenger replied.

The youngster’s ability has been praised by all experts, and Wenger is not allowing his baby-prince to leave at any cost. Whilst Wenger has been known to be extremely respective to his players, especially regarding happiness and their departures – as shown by the departures of Thierry Henry, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole, Lauren, Jose Antonio Reyes and Freddy Ljungberg – all leaving within the space of three years, the French Genius is refusing to let go of something which comes close to a miracle. Fabregas’ allegiance to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger must surely be his prime ambition to not leave Ashburton Grove for the all-star squad of Barcelona.

Whilst the spanish press assert that Fabregas is to leave Arsenal, surely being top of the league with a game in hand with a promising and extremely young squad should override any motivation to move to a more boring and blatantly more simplistic League of Football – the La Liga.

The response from Gunners is obvious, and understandable. But if you were in his position, would you leave to a team in which arguably contains the “better” players, at least in terms of profile? Or stay with a team which plays Joga Bonito and be under a boss who not only has experience but also a mental drive to succeed whilst having the genuine belief in the skills and improvisation of younger sportsmen?