Bolton and West Ham make Arsenal’s Fabregas Fall Asleep.

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Bolton vs West Ham? YAAAAAAAAWN!

It may come as a surprise that Cesc Fabregas, when asked to compare the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League – didn’t opt for the one that his beloved Arsenal play in. In fact, the midfield wonder boy was pretty bloody dismissive of the Premier League saying that:

“Without doubt there is more quality in Spain, if I am watching a West Ham-Bolton game, it almost sends me to sleep. With Barcelona-Betis, I’m mesmerised by the quality of the players.”

So is Cesc still pining for La Liga?

Fabregas said:

“When I first came to England I always thought I would return to Spain one day, but the truth is that the longer I’m here, the more I like it. I love the city, the club, the people. Every day I get to know more people, I feel closer to the fans and to the team. To tell the truth, I feel I will stay here for a long time, even for my whole career.

That’s a big fat NO then.

Hmmm…that hasn’t got anything to do with the fact that you think the Premier League has no quality and is full of bumbling dullards does it?