Bolton’s Megson attacks the French!

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Gary Megson is upset with the French, he doesn’t want his prize – currently injured – asset Nic Anelka being fiddled with by them. The Bolton manager has even resorted to bellowing threats across the Channel.

Anelka is currently nursing a hamstring injury and isn’t expected to return to the fray until December; all of this malarkey hasn’t stopped the French from bizarrely calling Le Sulk up for the Morocco friendly on Friday and next week’s final Euro 2008 qualifier against Ukraine. Apparently the French need to assess his injury, but Megson wasn’t having any of this continental impudence.

Megson warned:

“Nicolas has to go, we know that, so they can see what state he is in, he has this tear on his hamstring and the prognosis was six weeks on the sidelines. It would be a huge mistake if they said he had to stay then train and play. It would be a nightmare for Nic and for us. We have spoken to Nic and told him what we think. He accepts that. However he still has to report to the squad.”

So will the French risk the wrath of the gingerest loon in all of England? We hope not.