Preston North End are the latest to consider a sacking

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Paul Simpson has always seemed like a reasonable and nice guy when we have seen him interviewed. Last season he was getting results too, and Preston were batting further above their average than Bernie Ecclestone. But now, in the crazy world of the Championship he is possibly about to be sacked (according to the BBC), in a Championship sacking frenzy that is starting to get a little irritating.

Paul Simpson is under pressure after Preston’s board issued a statement saying they were “disappointed with the performance and result” at Hull.

Preston’s 3-0 defeat left them one place above the relegation zone with Simpson’s future as manager in doubt.

The Deepdale board will hold a meeting next week “and will be discussing the team’s results so far this season,” their statement added.

Actually, scrap the ‘possibly’, this guy’s in serious trouble. But the more important question is, what the hell is wrong with Championship chairmen? Where has all the patiences gone? Is it as simple as the huge money on offer in the Premier League is panicking everyone into desperate measures, in the vain hope that they don’t miss out? The sad truth is that is probably the one.