Arsenal’s Wenger fears the inconvenience of the international break

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Arsenal recorded its ninth win of the season after defeating Reading 3-1 last night. However, despite the Gunner’s only injury being that of Robin van Persie, Arsene Wenger asserts that the International break provides breaks in not only the season, but in limbs. It was Robin van Persie who became injured while serving for his country during the last international period, and Arsene Wenger is now reluctant to promote the international game.

According to Sky Sports, Wenger said:

“Now everybody goes on a break and then we play Wigan at home.
“The international programme of the players is quite heavy for some of them.
“We lost [Cesc] Fabregas with suspension now for Wigan, so let’s hope everybody comes back without injury because we lost van Persie during the last break and he still has not played yet.”

Arsenal, unlike many other top-flight clubs, will be sacrificing the services of African based players for the African Nations cup. Thus, it is imperative for the ‘remaining’ squad to be healthy and fit. Entering the second half of the season with a minimized team plagued with injuries and tweaks will surely ruin, quash and disintegrate any chance of claiming the title, which Arsenal have so desperately tried to obtain. This is, ironically, where teams flooded with English players will benefit, as England not making Euro 2008 is an extreme possibility. Arsenal, however, with almost all players playing in their respective national teams, will find the second half of the season an arduous and demanding few months. Is Arsenal capable of maintaining such a terrific run? Can they uphold the beautiful football in which they have been playing so constantly throughout the season? What do you think: is Arsenal going to experience the same prosperity in which they have endured so far this season, or are they going to collapse under the possibilities of injuries, fatigue and omissions?