Birmingham owners not too impress by dodgy Yeung

Takeovers can be long drawn out processes, you guys should know quite a few of you probably own a slice of Ebbersfleet, or whatever they are called, by now. None seem to have been as long and drawn out as the Birmingham takeover though. And finally the boys Gold and Sullivan are getting a bit miffed with chancer/bidder Carson Yeung.

“David Sullivan has said he could not work with these people and we have heard no more,” Gold said. “There is a little over a month to go before the deadline for Mr Yeung to produce the funds he needs. He would require about £30 million to move to the next stage. At the moment the deal is not done and over the past two weeks I have gone from being 90 per cent sure that the sale would go through to about 75 per cent.

With a deadline of December most Birmingham fans are looking forward to Christmas for more than just the Jasper Carrot DVD they will be finding in their stocking. For this isn’t just frustrating, it is leaving the club in a constant state of flux. And unlike the crime of selling low-market porn or employing Karen Brady, this is something you cannot blame the Birmingham board for:

“Only Carson Yeung can pull out of this by failing to meet the deadline. Myself and David Sullivan have given our word that we will sell. But it’s all a case of ‘show me the money’. That’s what this is all about and nothing more has gone on since our last meeting. We don’t have to sell and the club will carry on as usual if we don’t sell.”

From where we are sat, Carson Yeung doesn’t seem the sort of guy you’d want running your football club. Best stick with the pornographers.