It’s vote of Confidence Time For Middlesbrough Manager

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Eurgh – Gerroff Me! Like unwanted hugs from a moth-ball laden great aunt, the squeals can be heard for miles, it is the unmistakeable noise of a lusty Chairman foisting the dreaded vote of confidence around a manager’s neck, the unlucky manager in question? Gareth Southgate!
‘Boro Chairman Steve Gibson said:

“We’ve played 13 games in the Premier League, not got the results we’ve wished for and already there’s a noise about the continuation of the manager. It is nonsense. There has even been some trash about us having lined up a replacement. We know that’s not true and Gareth knows that’s not true. I’ve spoken to skipper Jonathan Woodgate and one or two others to tell them it’s crap and to let the rest of the players know. We gave Gareth a five-year contract because he had to be given a chance to develop. He’s a good man, with integrity and fantastic football experience. He will make mistakes as he’s inexperienced but he has the intellect to learn from those mistakes.”

However you wrap it up though, this has the unmistakeable stink of a managerial vote of confidence. Gibson’s support; ticking time bomb or bona fide backing?