Jens Might Dump Arsenal For The German Second Tier.

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Ah relief! The end is in sight everyone! The two most frustrating sagas this season have been without a shadow of a doubt the Berbatov will-he wont he malarkey, which at its peak was only about as engaging as a tepid episode of Home And Away, and the Jens Lehmann orgy of continued moaning which was just as soporific (apart from the fact that he made Almunia cry).
Thankfully the end is in sight for at least one of these issues. The Daily Mail is squealing that mighty Jens is willing to actually drop a division just to get some first team football. Lehmann said:

“I definitely want to play at Euro 2008. Playing there has always been my aim. The Bundesliga is always attractive and is an option, and maybe the German second division is, too,”

But although the 38 year-old German is pondering a move away from Arsenal, he hasn’t completely abandoned his deep rooted psychological campaign against Spanish usurper Manuel Almunia. Lehmann muttered:

“The situation is as it is. It is only important what the manager decides and I am using this phase to train intensively every day. The manager knows I am highly motivated. I would like to play again soon, and expect that I will do. I would be very surprised if that was not the case.”

Will Lehmann oust Almunia or will he bugger off to the obscurity of the German second tier? We wait with baited breath.