Manchester United Boss Wants To Live Forever

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Wenger, Benitez, Grant, you should all take notes from the man, the legend, Sir Alex Ferguson, who has yet again told of his desire to stay at the helm for as long as he has a pulse, and then possibly for a while longer as a cyborg…
According to The Sun, his team of young sprites hold the elixir of youth for the Fergmeister – and the Scot declared:

“Every time we play a team who is managed by one of my old players, talk of them taking over from me crops up. But I’m fit, healthy and as long as I’m that way, then I’ll carry on. I enjoy watching this team. They play with great enthusiasm, imagination and we have individuals who can win games.”

How long can Fergie stay at the helm, and what is all this guff that he is continually spouting about this team being the best he’s ever had? Don’t you have to win more than one title before you can start claiming things like that?