Newcastle’s Barton Escapes!

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Yep, Joey Barton has escaped the strong arm of the FA Law. Newcastle’s Loonmaster General, Joey Barton has escaped without a ban from the FA despite doing his best to ensure that Sunderland’s Dickson Etuhu wouldn’t sire anymore kids.
Halway through the weekend’s Tyne-Wear derby Joey Barton leapt in the air and nailed Etuhu in the nads….
Sky Sports report that Joey Barton claims that his tackle wasn’t the malice ridden groin lunge that we all thought it was, and that it was merely an accident. Barton said:

“There was no malice in it, nor was it premeditated, If I caused him any injury, then I apologise. Things happen in the heat of a derby game.”

And if that quote was a tad too sensible sounding Barton then went for a random excuse, his horror lunge was due to lack of fitness. Barton said:

“It was my third game back and I’m still a bit rusty. If I was fully match fit the situation would have been avoided.”

Eh? You were a bit rusty? What, rusty in the head?