Watch out Manchester Utd and Arsenal, Liverpool’s Priority is the title

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Liverpool’s goalkeeper Pepe Reina is today nattering that Liverpool’s main priority this season in the title…Reina told Sky Sports that it is time to go for the big one.

Reina told Sky Sports that:

“For us our target is to be in the top four first and then to win a trophy, as many as we can but obviously after 18 years our big target is the Premiership. But knowing big sides are involved like Arsenal, Man U and Chelsea – mainly it is going to be tough and it will be a long race and this is just the beginning. I respect all the opinions, but we are Liverpool and we are a top side and we must show it on the pitch,”

But is this new found focus for the league a result of their poor form in Europe – even after winning 8-0 they are still looking shaky for progression beyond the group stages – or was this the aim at the beginning of the season.

Reina later tempered his title talk by actually saying that they want to win something, Pepe said: ”

We have to go little by little and step by step but I don’t want to talk too soon as we are still at the start of the season almost and for us our target is to win something, FA Cup, Premiership, Champions League whatever. We are a winning side and that is our target.”

Hmmm, by saying he is up for winning the FA Cup, Premier League, Champs League or ‘whatever’ he doesn’t mean the Carling Cup does he? Eurgh.