A Chelsea Manager and an Arsenal Manager – Who Buggered up the Premier League the most?

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The Special One has jumped back into the papers for a cameo taunt at Arsene Wenger, accusing the Frenchman of ‘misrepresenting’ the Premier League with an influx of foreigners. Ahh Mourinho, how we miss your brilliant rants, come back soon won’t you?

Mourinho said:

“Unlike Arsenal, we tried to build success through a concept of using English players. We wanted to project a positive image of Chelsea without running the risk of filling the club with lots of foreign players. That would bring us problems in handling the dressing room and in the Press which is sensitive to the use of English players. The people in England don’t easily forgive clubs which misrepresent their championship with a complete intake of foreign footballers.”

Mourinho then turned his attentions to the guttersnipes that continually attribute Chelsea’s success to moneybags Abramovich. The Special One asked the assembled journos :

“Do people really think only Chelsea have spent a lot of money?”

When Mourinho’s question was greeted with an ocean of nodding heads he went on to trive and prove his point further and talked of Arsenal’s conveyor belt of foreign imports. Mourinho said:

“Did they all come for nothing? Of course not. With those players Wenger won championships, he won time and, because he is a manager with admirable ability, he won people’s respect.But in building success he started in the same place as Chelsea. It was only later Wenger cemented his policy of relying on developing young players.”

On hearing all this fighting talk Arsene didn’t just sit there and take it, he responded last night with a concise, yet effective riposte to Mourinho’s chuntering on about foreigners; Wenger said said:

“In 30 years without foreign players before I came here, England didn’t win any competitions. I came to England in 1996 and the national team have done much better since then in the major tournaments.”

Touche Me Wenger!