Escape from Stalag Chelsea! Two Mystery Players Try Their Luck.

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Chelsea’s Israeli Gaffer Avram Grant has finally revealed a small crack in the Chelsea set up, The Sun is reporting that according to Grant there are two anonymous Chelsea players that aren’t happy with life on the Kings Road. And according to the Chelsea boss, anyone suspecting that one of these transfer desiring guttersnipes is none other than Didier ‘Droggers’ Drogba, is utterly wrong.
Grant said:

“I can always test players by the way they act in training and games. Didier behaves very well and gives 100 per cent every game. I am happy with him. But, sometimes, players come to me and say they are unhappy. Two have done this but it doesn’t matter who.”

So who could it be? Andriy Schevchenko is a main contender considering that he still can’t get into the team despite a new manager being shipped in solely for that purpose. Frank Lampard Junior is also a strong contender with transfer rumours following him around like a particularly rancid fart-cloud. And then there is the missing man of Chelsea, Michael Ballack, for has no choice but to sit on his Teutonic rump and collect his huge pay cheque every week. So who are the two want away player?